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Natural solutions to relieve headaches

Today I want to talk about something other than beauty. Heachache. The fact, that we have to stay at home more and still can't go back to our normal lives,...

Today I want to talk about something other than beauty. Heachache. The fact, that we have to stay at home more and still can't go back to our normal lives, doesn't help much. If you suffer from headaches, you've probably already tried everything you can to eliminate this discomfort. Whether you're dealing with tension headaches or migraines, there are some natural things you can try to help you get back on your feet and live your life to the fullest. Here are some simple and natural solutions you can use at home the next time you feel a headache coming on.

Drink lots of water
There are two main reasons to drink water when you suffer from a headache. The first reason is that dehydration can actually cause headaches. The second reason is that water and staying hydrated can reduce the effects of headaches on our body and reduce downtime.

Do you sleep enough?
Not getting enough sleep wreaks havoc all over the body. If you don't get at least six hours of sleep, your body won't function to its full potential which, in some people, can lead to headaches, lack of energy, and more. If you know you haven't slept well and have a headache, try taking an hour's nap to reset your body.

Use cold packs
Applying an ice pack or cold compress is a simple and effective way to reduce inflammation. In turn, this can help ease the discomfort of a headache. Simply take ice, wrap it in a small towel and apply to the back of the neck, forehead or gently to the temples.

Apply essential oils
There are many different essential oils that are known to be beneficial to those who suffer from frequent headaches. Here is a list of essential oils you may want to consider:

Peppermint is beneficial for those suffering from headaches for two reasons. The first reason is that it can help relieve the sharp pain associated with headaches when diluted and applied to the back of the neck and temples. It can also help reduce nausea, a common side effect of headaches.


Lavender can help reduce stress levels and provide an overall relaxing environment which can help prevent and reduce the effects of a headache. When blended with peppermint, it is sure to help relax the body and reduce the discomfort brought on by headaches.

It's important to remember that essential oils aren't right for everyone when it comes to headaches. Chronic migraine sufferers may have several triggers, including strong odors that could make pain and discomfort worse. For this reason, we recommend starting with one or two oils at a time and at very low levels. In case of major discomfort, discontinue use. If not, you can experiment to find the blend that helps you the most.

If you have any question about essential oils - you can always email me.


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