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Why is it healthy to drink freshly squeezed juice?

Today I squeezed fresh watermelon juice for me and my family, everyone enjoyed it. (Except my eldest son, who hates fruit...unfortunately... :) By drinking this juice I felt that we...

Today I squeezed fresh watermelon juice for me and my family, everyone enjoyed it. (Except my eldest son, who hates fruit...unfortunately... :) By drinking this juice I felt that we are doing something valuable for our body. But why is it healthy to drink freshly squeezed juice?

So I decided to delve into this topic a little more.

Luckily, we can have fresh juice all year round. Of course, it's best to use seasonal fruits and vegetables. But how to use them correctly, when and in what quantities, how often? The company often creates fashion cries not only in the field of clothing and cosmetics, but also in the field of food. But fresh fruit and vegetable juices were used in ancient times, but today they have regained their appeal relatively recently.

Effects of fresh juice on the body.

All fresh juices contain biologically active substances that are instantly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and are involved in biochemical processes, including metabolism. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices provide the body with the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, thereby strengthening immunity. Juices are much easier for the body to process than whole fruits or vegetables. Local fruits and vegetables are much more valuable for making juice, because they contain substances that are more familiar and necessary for the body. In spring you should take the opportunity to drink birch sap. (In Italy, unfortunately, there are few who know this goodness of nature, but in Latvia, where I was born, it can be found in every home). In winter, you can use not only vegetables stored in the cellar, but also frozen berries and fruits. Freshly squeezed juices affect metabolism, helping the body build cells to maintain necessary life processes. In most cases, it helps if you drink the juice in moderation. Natural juices stabilize the alkaline and acid balance in the blood, which becomes uneven when you have an infectious disease. They contain all the essential chemical elements for our body. With juices we take many valuable substances together. For example, to squeeze a glass of carrot juice, you need 4-6 carrots. Would you eat 5 raw carrots a day? Freshly squeezed juices are high in calories, so the myths about possible rapid weight loss are, for the most part, really myths. However, there are some juices that really reduce the overweight problem after a long period of use. Vegetable juices replenish the body's reserves and restore strength. They are rich in mineral salts. Participates in cell formation and regeneration. Fruit juices have the ability to perform general body cleansing, remove toxins, and promote metabolism. They contain a lot of sugars and vitamins. Suitable for people who do physically hard work. The ideal option is to combine both groups and create fruit and vegetable cocktails. It is not necessary to get rid of all the extruded shims, because there are also valuable substances there. You can mix some of them into the finished juice. Depending on the type of juice, they contain certain vitamins (more in fruit juice) and minerals (vegetable juice). Both types of juice are important.

The juice combinations are endless. For example, mix pumpkin and apple juice together, to which a little grapefruit, orange or cranberry juice is added to improve the taste. Instead of juice, you can make tomato puree in a blender by adding dill and parsley. (I personally love this juice particularly) Strawberries are great for blending and eating with a spoon. You can add cranberries or cranberries. Garnish with mint leaves, here's a dessert for you!

Today it is known that, for example, grapefruit juice contains the substance naringin, which is able to enhance or, conversely, reduce the action and effects of some drugs. This is because naringin is able to stop the enzyme from being released in the liver, causing it to build up in the body and lead to poisoning. By destroying other enzymes, naringin reduces the effects of some medicines. However, naringin itself has a good effect - it activates the metabolism and helps burn excess fat. That is why many recommend it in the diet (if there are no stomach problems). The juice has important healing properties and restores energy much better than other mood-enhancing substances. It has been known since ancient times that fresh fruit and vegetable juices can not only quench thirst, but also heal. 5,000 years ago, Eastern medicine discovered that juice enhances the body's natural healing abilities and used juice therapy as a traditional treatment and prevention.

Nutritionists warn that by drinking freshly squeezed juices, a person ingests a significant amount of calories and sugar. Imagine eating four oranges one after another. You need 4 oranges to make 250ml freshly squeezed orange juice. This is why nutritionists recommend quenching your thirst with water, tea and if you drink juice - just a glass or two of freshly squeezed juice a day. Freshly squeezed juices have all the benefits mentioned above, but first of all they are 95% nutritious, which increases the enjoyment of the pleasant taste of the juice. Liquids squeezed from fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices can be easily used as a source of vitamins and minerals, as such juices are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, thereby enriching the body with easily digestible nutrients.

Let's not forget to pamper ourselves with freshly squeezed fruit juices.

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